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This is the Privacy Policy for (We, Website, Site, Us, Our, Company) that we recommend to all Visitors (You, User, Your, Users, Visitor) of the Site. It combines the Privacy and Cookie Policy to form the Privacy Policy collectively. It will guide the User on the collection, management, and use of personal information shared on and with the Website. We collect this information while sharing about games, bonuses, and payment methods (Services) and strongly encourage each User to read and understand the Site’s stand regarding collected data.

If Your rights are violated, or you are concerned about any of Our policies, we recommend contacting us immediately through any of the available methods on Our Contact Us page. By visiting Our Site and using Our products, You permit Us, without reservation, to use Your personal data and information.

Our Policy explains how We collect data and information, how We deal with the data you provide us when you interact with Us, and Your rights as guided by the laws within Our jurisdiction. We review and provide information about casinos that may be linked to third-party gaming sites for which we have no authority. We encourage you to review the policies of those websites if you choose to interact with them for Your safety. We will also update Our Policy from time to time, and the latest update is marked as such on the Site.

The Information and Data We Collect

When you access Our Website, We collect basic information such as Your IP address, the pages you frequent, demographics, Language, time spent on pages visited, browser type, time zones, and other general information. This category is classified under Non-personal Information as it is generic and does not reveal the identity of a User. The second category, classified as Personal Information, identifies a User as it involves Names, Gender, Email addresses, Interests, any specific Memberships You may have, and so forth. We also collect personally identifying technical information such as browser plug-in type and version, time zone and location per Your IP address, internet protocol address, devices used, and particular identifiers such as IMEI or UDID and others.

How We Use This Information

We use this data to monitor the parts of the Website You visited, including the time spent there. The data and information we share and disclose as per Our Privacy Policy are for the betterment of Services, Your experience when using this Site, and to advance Our business. We also undertake to protect the third parties that work with Us by providing required information within the confines of applicable laws. While doing this, we endeavor to protect You and Your information.

In the event You have consented to the processing of Your personal information on Our Site, We ask for Your permission before sending You marketing material, and the same is observed by third parties that may access this information through Us. Our first priority is to protect You and use Your personal information as You have permitted.

How We Collect Data

We use various data collection methods and then store the shared information in Our database until further communication to erase or remove it. Here is how we do it:

  • We ask You to fill out forms when accessing Our Site and Services.
  • We use cookies, URLs, and referrals to gather information about Users. We also gather data from analytical tools when you access various sites that are affiliated with Us.
  • When you enter promotions and bonuses, respond to surveys, and accept offers from Our Site.
  • When you contact the Support team and leave Your details by filing the forms on Our Contact Us page.

Personal Information Sharing or Disclosure

Our Company will use Your data and information in ways we have disclosed in this Privacy Policy, and we may also share it with research teams, service providers, and other parties. We have three conditions under which we will disclose shared personal information. (a). We will share this information solely for the purposes of providing Our Services and data protection. (b). We may also share it to aid in research aimed at helping us provide better Services and (c). with auditors and potential investors in the event of mergers or sales. We endeavor to do all this within Our Company’s security and anonymity obligations. By using this Site, you permit us to share and disclose this personal information.

Data Retention

We will retain Your personal information indefinitely or for as long as we are interacting with You and under the obligations of this Privacy Policy. If at any time you may want to have it removed from the Site, contact us to guide you on the application that will see Us remove as much or all of the personal information as possible, except for the data we are required to keep under the applicable laws. Note that we will only erase or update Your data when you ask us to do so through the available channels.

It is within Your legal rights to request through writing that We:

  • Erase Your personal information from Our Site.
  • Stop any further processing of personal information.
  • Correct or update Your data.
  • Grant you access to stored data.
  • Transfer Your data.

When you make any of the above requests, we may ask You questions to verify Your identity to ensure we only share sensitive information with the right person. We typically take a month to respond to requests, but it could take longer, depending on the complexity of the request. There are no charges to such requests unless they are extensive, in which case we will communicate the expected charges and why they apply.

Data Protection

We use the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technologies to protect the communication between Us and You, ensuring the highest data protection levels. Our licensors have stringent data protection requirements that we follow to ensure that no one has access to our personal information but Us, as laid out in this Policy. This cover protects You from data breaches, leaks, or fraudulent marketing practices.

Legal Age of the Users

Our Services are designed to attract Users above the legal gambling age, which is 18 in Australia, and we expect any minors not to access this Site. We also operate in jurisdictions other than Australia and follow their legal age requirements. We reserve the right to collect information to verify Our Users’ age and deny access to anyone below the legal gambling age in the jurisdiction they are accessing Our Services. Any data and information belonging to a minor will be discarded without further consultation with said User. If You know any minor using Our Services or Site, notify us through email so we can remove their information from Our database.

Our Cookie Policy

We use cookies to distinguish You from other Users so we can provide You with the best experience while at Our Site. We also use the information gathered to improve Our Website’s design for better accessibility. The cookies collect, track, and store information related to Your visit, the parts of the Site you clicked, how much time You spent there, and more, all with the intention of making Your visit more fulfilling.

These are the four types of cookies we use:

Session Cookies: These are active when you browse Our Site and will be deleted once you leave the page. They will follow Your activity on the page to make Your visit to the Site pleasant.

Persistent Cookies: These stay longer on the Site because they enable us to monitor Your interaction with Our Site and Services. We may share them with third-party services that deal with research and analytics for the betterment of Our Services.

Third-party Cookies: These are from other websites and platforms that analyze Your interaction with Our Site and are kept for extended periods.

Advertising Cookies: These deliver the type of advertisement you respond to and are used to limit the frequency of the adverts you do not seem to respond to. It is within Your right to disable them or cancel them to show the analytics that You do not respond positively to them. They record the frequency with which You visit particular sites and the things You click on when there. These cookies are used by third-party sites based on Your online activity.

Your Options with Cookies

When you access Our Website, you consent to the storage of cookies on Your device. You could choose to follow the instructions laid by Your browser to remove these cookies, but that could limit the extent of Your experience on Our Website.

We commission the cookie providers that install the cookies we use for tracking Your personal information on Our Site, while the third-party cookies are provided by others such as Google, VWO, Hotjar, and Clicky.


We reserve the right to update the Privacy Policy as and when we deem fit and without notifying Users. We encourage you to visit this page regularly to read the latest release.

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