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Australiacasino.reviews (in the further text “we”, “us”, “website”, “site”, “platform”) is publishing this document with only one reason – to make the agreement between the website and all the visitors that come to our page (in the further text: “you”, “readers”, “customers”). If visitors of our platform decide to land on our pages, they automatically agree with all the facts stated in our “Terms and Conditions”.

We do understand that readers are not necessarily familiar with the laws and gambling regulations. Because of that, we invested a lot of effort to make the content understandable for people of different ages and with different backgrounds. Reading the following text isn’t mandatory, and we let you decide whether reading it until the very end and with full attention is worth it.

The first thing you have to understand is that Australicasino.reviews does not offer any gambling products or services. Instead of that, our mission is to review different gambling operators and highlight their main pros and cons. In other words, on our web pages, you can find informational content that has only one purpose – to help people make the right choice before registering on any gambling site.

To understand better what we offer and what your responsibilities are, continue reading!

Strict Rules about Our Content and Services

  • The content you can find on our website is accessible to every visitor that wants to gain some information. However, it is important to understand that our site is not a legal or financial advisor. We do not provide any guarantees on the third-party services reviewed on our website. The facts stated there are properly researched, while the analyses are made by experienced individuals in the gambling industry.
  • Content is accessible to everyone who wants to gain information about different websites. But, using it or publishing it somewhere else is strictly forbidden by the law. If you still decide on that move, there is a big chance you will have to pay penalties defined by the country’s laws.
  • As stated at the beginning of the text, we are not a casino site. You can’t bet on different games on our platform, and we do not support or offer any money transfers on our website.
  • Different conflicts may appear between passionate players and online casinos. However, we do not take responsibility for situations of that type. Apart from that, we are not responsible for any money or data loss you could potentially experience.
  • Our website has the right to block any of the visitors in case we verify the decision like that would be good for the safety of our platform and other users.

The Responsibilities All Visitors Have

It is essential to read all the responsibilities of the visitors that must be respected with no excuses:

  • Every person that enters our website must be 18+
  • Gaining information must be the only reason why you are using services of this type. It is your duty not to use the content published on our pages for any commercial purposes. Additionally, you guarantee that you won’t use our platform to collect or steal personal data from other users
  • You will take actions that meet the requirements of local, state, or federal laws.
  • You must guarantee you are not visiting our website for any kind of illegal reason. Trying to access the systems that stand behind our platform is strictly forbidden!
  • The security features of our platform are high! We invite the visitors not to try to disable them or remove them at all. That will be considered an illegal activity, which automatically means you are breaking the law.

Responsibility Denials

Australiacasino.reviews wants to inform all the visitors that certain moves they make are only their responsibility. There are a couple of obligations that we publicly disclaim, and they are

  • The usage of the platform and informational content published there is your responsibility.
  • The company does not guarantee there are no errors on our platform. We can’t be sure that our content can meet the requirements and expectations of every individual. Our team of professionals will try to remove all the issues, but we can’t guarantee that 100% defects you find will be permanently removed.
  • We do not guarantee 100% that the content published on our pages is malware or spyware-free. Apart from that, we do believe that bugs can appear from time to time, and we will strive to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Explanation of Unauthorized Activities

Trying to harm the privacy of customers or the content we publish on our website is strictly forbidden. But, we also invite the visitors not to get involved in any form of antisocial behavior. Good examples of that are flaming, trolling, or spamming. Also, promoting gambling strategies is completely against our Terms and Conditions. In most cases, that will result in a permanent ban from the platform.

Collaboration with Other Sites and Platforms

Australiacasino.reviews will regularly provide third-party resources that have only one purpose – to make all the visitors feel convenient. Clicking on the links automatically ensures that you reach another landing page. Our platform does not take responsibility for any information you find on the websites that we promote. In case you get scammed or hacked, our gambling site does not take any responsibility. We do not stand behind those platforms which automatically means we can’t guarantee a high level of cybersecurity.

Collaboration with Online Casinos and Gambling Platforms

As stated, we are an online platform that supports and advertises different types of gambling products and services. We do not own casino games and are incapable of controlling the platforms we promote. Because of that, there are a couple of facts you need to be aware of:

  • Gambling laws are different from one place to another. You need to check out whether gambling activities we promote on our site are legal in your country/region
  • Just because our website is 18+, that doesn’t mean that enjoying gambling products at that age is legal in your region/country
  • In case you are in another country (as a tourist), you need to check whether gambling is legal and what are the requirements of the country where you resist currently
  • The terms and conditions of gambling operators are different. We invite you to read them and check whether you can respect them or not
  • Self-control is the key in the gambling world. You must be aware of the consequences of regular gambling and potential addiction. Money loss is possible, and that is only your responsibility

Disclaimer of Australiacasinos.review


Right to Complain Does Exist

Our company invests a lot of effort not to harm the rights of any person in the world. However, in case you believe that we are violating your intellectual or any other property, we strongly invite you to share your thoughts with us. You will manage to do that via different communication channels present on our website. It is essential to explain your situation in detail and explain what your expectations are. Our team will invest a lot of effort as soon as possible to settle the problem that potentially occurred. However, in case you share disinformation with us, be aware of the liability that may appear for the damage that you have made.

Terms and Conditions Change from Time to Time

The changes to the Terms and Conditions section can happen from time to time. If you plan to become a regular visitor of our platform, then we suggest you check out the changes and understand them better. You will get a notification if they appear, but it is completely your responsibility whether you will read them or not. Our recommendation is to do that at least once a week.

Usage of Our Content

As stated in the previous sections, using and copying our content on any other blog or website is strictly forbidden. However, there are certain excuses when you can use it. The reasons why you use our content need to be according to the Terms and Conditions. But, if the “excuse” does not apply to your case, then you do not have any right to use it for commercial purposes.

Last, But Not Least: Copyright Infringement

Every visitor of our website has the full right to inform us about any form of copyright infringement. Doing that is possible in two different ways. One option is to connect with us via email. Apart from that, you can also share your pieces of evidence via contact form. Our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem that you testified to. But, it is crucial that you come to us in good faith. You need to prove that all the pieces of information you share with us are 100% correct and trustworthy. If you share information from different sources, please ensure that they are all legit.

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